Married: Chiu & Bob

It was a cold wintery morning when Chiu met me at the door of her home in her pajamas and excitedly held up her dress.  “I’m getting married today!”  A few hours later, she was a woman transformed and every inch a bride.. she wore a chic white fur bolero over her dress to keep warm, something every winter bride needs!  Chiu and Bob married simply and sweetly, the groom holding back his tears while the bride smiled up at him, occasionally caressing his face as though no one else was in the room.  The bride’s father also gruffly passed a hand over his eye a time or two, but we all pretended not to notice :)  The wedding details were all very personal and lovingly planned by the wedding coordinator (also the bride’s best friend!)… from a very unique combination scrapbook/thumbprint guest book, to a special bouquet reflecting the season, to a Chinese cake topper to reflect the bride’s heritage.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your very special wedding, Chiu and Bob!  You’re going to have an amazing life together!


Chiu and Bob’s Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Site: University of Maryland West Chapel in College Park, Maryland
Reception Site: Roy’s Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland
Photographer: Jeanne Sun Photography
Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff
Hair and Makeup: Up Dos For I Dos
Florist: Crimson & Clover Floral Design, Inc.
Cake: Ridgewells Catering for top cake, Georgetown Cupcake
Stationer: Botanical Paperworks, and Teardrop Paperie for thumbprint guestbook


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Engaged: Ashley & Cody

Well, we’ve been on a temporary blog hiatus but we are back and we’ve been super busy!  Lots of great stuff coming, stay tuned!

I met Ashley and Cody on one of those rare is-it-spring-yet? days that we’ve been enjoying in DC in the past few weeks… you know, the ones where everyone wears t-shirts but spends the entire day wondering if they’ll suddenly freeze to death or not.  Ashley and Cody (and I!) sure didn’t mind though, we’ll take 70 degrees any day of the week!  We started off inside the United States Botanic Garden Conservatory, but the warm weather drew us outside where I had to work hard to pry Cody off of Ashley and as you can see, I was only sometimes successful at it :)  Cody very sweetly only had eyes for Ashley, and I never had to tell him twice to take her in his arms.  Don’t be fooled by their adoring appearance or their Abercrombie-n-Fitch good looks, OR the fact that they are small-town kids from the Midwest though… Cody is finishing up medical school and Ashley kicks some *** working the ER, so these two are tough as nails.  Look out!

Thank you for choosing us, Ashley and Cody, and we wish you so much love!


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Married: Kate & Aaron

The bride was full of bright smiles and easy laughs, and the groom was the a bundle of nerves — the good kind!  They both shared impeccable taste in shoes — Kate greeted me at the door with a kiss, and then waved a pair of gorgeous platform pumps with stunning jeweled spike heels at me….  Look at these! she exclaimed while the girls in the room gathered around to sigh at the shoes.  A short while later I met Aaron in a separate room, and he pulled up a pant leg to indicate some killer black and white oxfords.  Look at these!  You like them?  he said with a big grin.  I hid my smile behind my camera.. these two adorable people were made for one another.  You didn’t even have to see them together to know it.

On the last nice autumn day of the year as the sun was beginning to drop in the sky, I prepared Aaron to see his bride for the first time, a proper First Look.  Aaron stood anxiously, shifting his weight from foot to foot as he peppered me with a steady stream of questions about how to stand and was he doing this right and what should he be looking at, while a giggling Kate crept up behind him in her beautiful wedding gown and her jeweled shoes.  A tap on the shoulder later, there was laughing and hugging and more laughing…  Aaron visibly relaxed, and they headed toward the gardens hand in hand to get down to the business of getting married.

Kate and Aaron said their vows on the stone steps of the garden at Strong Mansion in Dickerson, Maryland.  They celebrated their new marriage with a reception at Monocacy Crossing Restaurant, a place very special to them as they both spent time working there in the past and somehow missed meeting one another by a single season.  Fate did bring them together though, and I feel very blessed that they gave me the honor of being a part of their big day.  Congratulations Kate and Aaron, thank you for sharing your day with me!  I wish you a lifetime of joy!

Kate and Aaron’s Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Site: Strong Mansion in Dickerson, Maryland
Reception Site: Monocacy Crossing Restaurant
Photographer: Jeanne Sun Photography
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Tuxedoes: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair Stylist: Oasis Styling Salon
Cake: Bride’s mother and aunt
Reception Music: Davis Deejays
Paper goods: Becky Johnson

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